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Is Django Still Relevant In 2021?

The Django Web Framework has been around for nearly 16 years now. The question posed in this article is whether Django is a dying technology in 2021 and beyond.

Django was first released on July 15, 2005. At that time, there we’re only a few web frameworks in existence. .NET was just cropping up with its competitor stack against Sun Microsystems Java programming language, while Perl was still the Swiss Army Chainsaw of the web.

Django was mostly built as a Python competitor project against Ruby on Rails which was released one year before Django. At the time, Python had a larger community than Ruby, but Rails would soon take off and leave Django in the dust.

Even though Django never got to the same level of popularity as Ruby, it has managed to grow over the years. I’ve personally been using it for over 10 years. Version 3.1 was recently released as of a few months ago.

Some of the largest websites in the world using Django are Instagram, Pinterest & Mozilla. Check out the video below for 10 reasons to use Python Django in 2020.

Django vs. Flask

Django vs. Flask has been a long debated question at this point. Flask is a newer framework and quite a bit easier to use and learn than Django.

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