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Chris Hawkes Chris Hawkes is a Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. He’s also taught more than 25,000 students on Udemy and nearly 20 million have watched his programming YouTube channel. 13 min watch

Top 6 Skills Every Good Programmer Should Have

In this video I'm talking about the top 6 skills that every good programmer should have.

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Kevin - Problem solving is EVERYTHING. Before I ever enter into a ticket or feature I take extra time to understand the players, the variables, etc. Taking the time to create a proper controlled environment is key. To me I would rather spend 80% designing and trying to account for side-effects than spending 100% of my time doing trial and error.

Lyle - Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts on these subjects. I'm probably covered on every thing except believing I could be good enough to actually find work in this profession and I do let my screw ups eat at me. I'm sort of in a catch 22. The question to ask myself is what do I really want to get out of coding then proceed accordingly.

bocckoka - the other extreme of not being a dick is being an opportunist, where you never blame individuals, only intangible or external factors that are outside of everyone's control. we'll have to refactor for two months, repay some tech debt, but don't worry, it's not anyone's fault... I find this approach uglier.

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