React & Redux from Scratch

With over a decade of professional experience, Chris Hawkes is followed by more than 180,000 programmers from around the world.

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Release Date Duration Demo Video
Apr 22, 2022 1 hour & 30 Minutes Watch

Just Some Of What You'll Learn

  • Setting Up A Modern Day SPA
  • Single Page App's
  • GitHub Deployment
  • Webpack
  • Webpack Dev Server
  • React Router
  • Redux

Who Is This For?

This is an advanced fast pace course to get you up and running with a brand new Single Page App (SPA) using React, React Router, Webpack & Redux.

For a working example of the code, download from GitHub.

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Meet Chris Hawkes

Chris Hawkes is a Senior Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. He’s taught more than 20 million students on YouTube and over 25,000 on Udemy.

Some of his work has been used by universities around the world and sponsored by some of the largest companies in Information Technology.