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Why We Don't Need Bootstrap, Tailwind or Materialize

It’s 2020, we don’t need CSS libraries as much as we used to. When CSS was invented long ago, it lacked many features. Over the years we had new iterations of CSS, such as version 1, 2 and 3. By the time we reached version 3, it was decided we no longer needed CSS versions anymore, it was simply going to just be called CSS. Why do I bring this up? Because CSS Flexbox & Grid have changed the landscape of web development.

Flexbox is the latest display type added to CSS. It now gives us the ability to have the browser figure out the complex layouts for us vs using floats, clears, absolute and relative positioning. Now we simply add the display ‘flex’ and we can then tap into laying out children with properties such as ‘space-between’ & ‘space-evenly’.

What does this have to do with Bootstrap, Materialize & Tailwind?

The reason I made this video is that we no longer need bloated frameworks filled with opinionated class names and styling preferences. Instead, we should be tapping into the latest CSS features and building our own vision for the future. Bootstrap's columns and grids aren't saving us that much time.

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