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Most web programmers have heard of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) preprocessors these days but which is better, LESS or SASS?

LESS used to be the defacto CSS preprocessor language until Bootstrap recently dropped support for LESS with their latest version 4 release.  This means, support for LESS has dried up to just about nothing.  

For this reason, I recommend you check out our latest SASS course to get modernized with today's web development techniques.   

You may be wondering whether you need to learn CSS or SASS first.   Our recommendation would be to jump right into SASS, as everything you can do on CSS, you can do in SASS but not vice versa.  

If you needed anymore reason to jump on SASS, we'll mention CSS variables, mixins, functions and more.  Dive in and get ready to learn how to speed up your UI development.  

Learn SASS


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