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Is Python Dying?

The Python Programming Language was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.   Fast forward 30 years and Python is now one of the most popular programming languages of all time.  However,  is it deserved and are we now seeing Python's best days behind it?

The reason I think the Python community should be worried is because Python isn't the safest, fastest or most well designed language out there.  It's no good for games, mobile development, servers (unless serverside scripting) and its not object-oriented or statically typed.   So what makes Python so great?

It really all started when Google's founder Larry Page struggled to fulfill his back page spider while attempting to use the brand new Java language.   In the late 90's Java was slow and ugly, not to mention buggy.   So Larry reached out to a friend who recommended he use an easier more mature language named Python.  Keep in mind this is the late 90's and most people hadn't heard of Python or Google.  C++ and Perl were dominating the industry.

This pivotal moment changed the course of history as Larry used it to create the first Google search engine.  This ushered in massive amounts of interest as Google transitioned into one of the largest tech companies in the world.  To this day, Google and YouTube are primarily using Python.  

Besides Google though, who is using Python today?  The answer is most small startups, data scientists and noob programmers. 

The problem is most of the jobs surrounding Python are in machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.   Most of these jobs require advanced degrees regardless of experience.   For the self-taught developers this can be a real problem.   

Furthermore, if we are in the midst of another AI winter, Python engineers may soon be flocking to other languages like Java, C# and Javascript.


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