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What Is The Best Way To Learn Programming?

What is the best way to learn computer programming for absolute beginners? This is the question I’m often asked by beginner programmers. The question has quite a few answers depending on your goals.

For instance, if you want to be a web developer then you’re going to focus on a completely different set of programming skills from game development. The good news is much programming is fundamentally the same whether you’re building websites or games.

I talked about this in a recent video I made about the C programming language. For all the programming wars which currently rage day to day, little old C is the one that is used by the majority of all programming languages, compilers and language design.

Everything Is C

Assuming you want to be a web developer with the goal of gaining full-time employment, you’re going to want to focus on the three core web technologies which have remained the same for decades now. Those are, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Just those three will take beginner programmers several months to get under their belt, even for the most advanced learners. There is just so much to digest, it will take a period of time and repeated exercise. For instance, modern CSS layouts are mostly done via a new technology called Flexbox. A course for Flexbox is on this website.